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UKRSIBBANK BNP is a partner of Chernivtsi IT cluster and offers IT companies the next offer

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Starting to build your career can seem like a difficult and scary process. Especially for students of 1-2 years who are passionate about everything new, but do not know where to start. The world of IT is extremely friendly, but it also poses many obstacles for newcomers to this field.

Therefore, the team of the Chernivtsi IT Cluster decided to show all the paths by which you can start your career in IT at the “Find Yourself In IT Industry” lectures for students of 1-2 years.


In the lectures, we talk about:

  • Actual professions in the IT market;
  • Advantages and disadvantages of working in IT;
  • Why working in IT is cool;
  • How to get into an IT company;
  • Where to start your career.

The Chernivtsi IT industry is waiting for new specialists, so the Cluster will help newcomers take a step toward their future careers and join the friendly IT community of our region.


Tel: +38 063 545 94 87


192 Vovchynetska street, Ivano-Frankivsk 76000, Ukraine


SoloWay Technologies is an international technology company with a focus on digital business transformation, solving global challenges and implementing big ideas.


We help companies go through digital transformation as comfortably as possible, smoothing rough edges, avoiding turbulence and adapting to business needs.

SoloWay’s technological expertise provides an opportunity to solve clients’ key business challenges in cooperation with one provider of consulting and IT services. Our clients especially value such services as: IT consulting, UX/UI design, web development, mobile development, support and testing of software products, conducting a discovery phase, software modernization.


Among our clients are well-known Ukrainian brands such as MOYO,, Bukovel, Lalafo,,, Bigggidea, Netpeak and world-class companies SOCAR, Havas, Axalta, Dekra etc. Together with our clients, we create global products and solutions for Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Meta, Philip Morris, and others. Hundreds of millions of people use mobile applications, web platforms, saas solutions, online stores created together with our partners and customers.


SoloWay company is an opportunity for talented people to show themselves, to realize their professional Solo, and we also say it loudly – Do Your Solo! There are no bureaucratic barriers or restrictions to growth in our company’s corporate culture. Everyone can fully realize their passion in work or other business activities of the company. Of course, we have processes, but they are oriented towards a joint result. We build our relations on mutual respect and on the win-win principle, when both parties feel comfortable cooperating. It is the freedom to be ourselves that inspires our talents to manifest and reveal their potential at 100%. These are key values ​​that are close to us and that we encourage in people.


Do you want to show off your own Solo? – Learn about opportunities at


Join a team of over 100 talented specialists working in development centers in Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk.


SoloWay Technologies is a sustainable digital transformation companion.

The development of the IT industry in Ukraine opens up more and more fields and opportunities for young specialists, which students may not even suspect. The “VR Workshops” project was created to dispel stereotypes about working in IT and popularize the “Game Development” field among students.


“Game development” is a promising direction for starting a career in the IT industry. Many students spend their free time playing computer games but do not know or have not thought about combining their hobbies with their future careers. With our partners Computer Academy “RedMonkey”, we want to popularize this opportunity for students, thereby opening a way for them to work in IT.


Very soon we will start a series of master classes, we will visit every school in Chernivtsi and show the exciting world of Virtual Reality. Don’t miss it!

Chernivtsi IT Cluster, together with the Department of Mathematical Modeling of Chernivtsi National University, launched a new project for students of schools in our region: Online School of Programming.

Anyone can join the Online School and gain important knowledge for starting a career in IT. Already in the first lesson, students have gained a basic understanding of the Python language and will write their first lines of code during homework.

And then more! In subsequent classes, students will learn about:
– Cyclic algorithms in Python
– Lists and tuples in Python
– Dictionaries and sets in Python
– Basics of 3D graphics
– Basics of work in the Adobe Photoshop environment
– HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Follow our news and join the future projects of the Chernivtsi IT Cluster so as not to miss your opportunity to become a cool IT specialist.

IT Ukraine Association has started preparing bilingual research on the IT industry “Do IT like Ukraine”. IT Cluster “Chernivtsi IT Community” joins the research in the format of an information partnership!

We suggest that Cluster members participate in the fill out the questionnaire for this study by October 25.

The study covers the following topics:
• the place of IT in the Ukrainian economy,
• IT industry during the war,
• IT in other sectors: industry, agriculture, finance, pharma, energy, defense-industrial complex,
• Ukrainian IT business cases,
• opportunities for IT development at the level of the state, economy, companies, IT specialists,
• What will happen to IT next?

The study will be released in mid-November.

IT KickStart is an event created to help students find the easiest way to start a career in IT.

We show real IT, break all stereotypes about programming, introduce you to the place of future work and convince you that IT is just for you.

The following awaits you at the event:

A lecture about what IT is and how to dive into it;
Real success stories from employees of well-known IT companies;
An opportunity to meet representatives of IT companies in Chernivtsi;
Communication with the departments of ChNU, which convinces that studying IT is not so difficult;
Interesting master classes;
PlayStation and VR games.

Don’t miss your opportunity to start your career in IT now!

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