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Valtech – global digital agency focused on business transformation. We are innovators, design thinkers, marketers, creatives and developers spanning 5 continents with 45 offices in 15 countries and 3000+ consultants.
Since 2012 we deliver top-notch enterprise solutions around the globe from Valtech Ukraine. We engineer the best experiences for the business with such technologies as Adobe, Commercetools, Episerver, Hybris, Magento, Sitecore and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Continuous learning and development is our philosophy for keeping up with the technology and the transforming world.
Valtech Ukraine is 200+ consultants located in Chernihiv, Chernivtsi, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa and Uzhhorod. We hire the top talents who share the same vision and values, who are a perfect match for the team. We help our consultants grow – both personally and professionally, and to achieve their career goals. People are the very essence of Valtech and the key ingredient of our projects’ success.
Being a part of international cross-functional teams, we daily build bridges and connections within our distributed teams to achieve mutual understanding and optimal result for the business. Diversity, cultural intelligence, continuous feedback and collaboration are our key instruments within the global environment.
We strive to provide excellent services to our clients by focusing on their business goals and priorities. As consultants who understand technology and business challenges, we help to achieve the highest potential and to get the most value out of each solution. At the end of the day, we value our client’s and the end user’s happiness most. For us it is about the journey and about the ultimate experience.



Ukrainian IT outstaffing company with Dutch management
Global IT Support started its work more than 17 years ago and now has about 250 employees throughout Ukraine. Currently, 3 offices have been opened: central one in Chernivtsi, and others in Ivano-Frankivsk and Kyiv. The work is carried out remotely in other Ukrainian cities.
The company works mostly with European clients, mainly from the Netherlands and the United States, employs specialists of various levels of seniority: from Junior to Architect. They currently provide software development, testing, support, and design services. Key technologies: .Net, PHP, JavaScript, Magento, Xamarin, Java, C #.
Global IT Support mainly focuses on integrating remote teams inside and building communication processes, because for more than 17 years the company has been guided by the slogan of its creator – “Happy clients – happy programmers”.



SharpMinds is a Ukrainian IT company, which is a part of a Dutch holding HelloFlex Group with headquarters in Hilversum, NL.

Working with the Dutch businesses for over 15 years, we have managed to grow from one small office in Chernivtsi to 3 different locations in Western Ukraine. We have more than 30 successful B2B projects, professional development, QA/QC, ICT, HR and Project Management services, and even more. At SharpMinds we have succeeded in building people-oriented environment, where individuals are valued, teams are productive, and business needs are met.
Our dedicated project teams are specialized in .Net, Java, PHP, Javascript, Python, Mobile development and up-to-date frameworks. In our work we focus on long-term cooperation, stability, technology and methodology.
We are always looking for the new talents. Please, see the vacancies on our website

Desyde LTD



phone: +38 (0372) 559-719, +38 (0372) 520-888

Desyde LTD (hereafter Desyde) is a software development company that generates cost effective and innovative IT-solutions for its customers worldwide. The company was founded in Chernivtsi in 2002, restructured to Desyde LTD in 2004 and is a subdivision of Desyde Group Holding with the central office in the Netherlands.

Thanks to the long experience, Desyde LTD today:

  • specializes in customer-server applications utilizing advanced modern technologies;
  • is an long-standing and loyal partner of Oracle Netherlands;
  • utilizes modern development methodologies, software implementation and support;
  • participates in non-commercial partnership programs, including charity campaigns;
  • provides an end-to-end solution in software development and testing;
  • anticipates customers’ concerns using a professional approach and giving recommendations for the most efficient solution of customer’s needs;




phone: +38 (0372) 559-719, +38 (0372) 520-888

Yukon Software Ltd (Yukon hereafter) is a software and hardware development company. The company has been creating high-quality code for over 15 years. In general, we work with such languages as Java, PHP, Objective-C, C #, .NET, Dart, JSServices.

Our customers from Europe and the USA know the worth of their time and investments. Therefore, they desire to find the most efficient way to invest money using our products in the following areas: medicine, education, transport logistic s, infrastructure, risk analysis, scheduling and time tracking, web and mobile solutions.

Yukon company has a wide range of the following work directions :

– big data;

– industrial integration;

– mobile applications;

– Internet of things;

– PCB design;

– integrated system development;

– prototyping;

– cloud solutions;

– electronic terminals integration;

– e-commerce and promo-websites;

– identification and payment;

– search platforms;

– social media.

We are sure that the company is defined by people. Our value is a friendly and professional team.

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