On October 1, the long-awaited event <IT KickStart> for schoolchildren of grades 10-11 took place.

We were extremely happy to see so many interested students, whose eyes were burning to meet everything new. We thank the representatives of the departments who communicated and were able to interest so many young minds before starting their careers in IT.

Our speakers also did a good job, who talked about their path in IT, why they entered this career path, what is the advantage of their work over others, and opening the curtains to many insides of the IT profession. The number of questions that sounded from all corners of the hall is proof that the students are already dreaming about their future professions and they are delighted with all the new information they received at the event.

Schoolchildren were especially impressed by the master class from the Redmonkey computer academy on the topic “Interactive universe of VR and AR: implementation on the example of game development.” The VR glasses did not leave the student’s field of vision for a minute.

We are waiting for you at future events of the Chernivtsi IT Cluster, we will try to meet with you as often as possible.

On Friday, September 16, representatives of the top management of the companies participating in the Cluster met for a strategic session.
The purpose of the session was to find innovative ways of developing the Cluster and its restructuring for the maximum benefit of the participants of the Cluster, the development of the IT industry, and the city of Chernivtsi.

The session was moderated by Ruslan Biloskurskyi, managing partner of the Schumpeter School of Innovation.

The session participants focused on the priority directions of the IT cluster:
• improving the quality of education of future IT specialists;
• organic cooperation with local authorities;
• fruitful interaction of companies participating in the Chernivtsi IT Cluster.

They also investigated the factors that influence success in the industry, analyzed the achievements of other regional clusters, and highlighted potential advantages and existing disadvantages of the city’s IT industry.

The traditional meeting of the Cluster with the mayor of Chernivtsi Klichuk Roman Vasyliovych took place.

We discussed the possibilities of improving our region and the state of the IT industry in the region. Our representatives prepared a number of questions and proposals for the mayor.

Most of the questions were about the life of the city and the development of infrastructure. A large number of IT workers from other cities of Ukraine were able to stay in Chernivtsi. The cluster, together with the mayor, works to create comfortable conditions for their stay and the development of the IT sector.

On September 10th, the Chernivtsi IT cluster resumed the delicious tradition of monthly IT breakfasts. We are extremely happy to finally see you all at an offline event, so we promise – we will meet again soon!

Thanks to Chik Marius for an interesting lecture on “React migration on a big project with cyclic refactoring”, as well as to all listeners for your creative questions.

Your safety is the most important thing for us, so we chose an establishment that provided not only goodies and a comfortable atmosphere, but also a shelter in case of an air raid. And for all those who could not join us at Goyra PAB, we held a live broadcast so that even at home everyone had the opportunity to join the IT breakfast.

Do not miss the next meetings with the Chernivtsi IT cluster, follow our news and join the IT community of our city.

On August 17, representatives of the IT-Cluster “Chernivtsi IT community” met with the head of Chernivtsi OVA Ruslan Zaparaniuk.


The development strategy of the Chernivtsi region is complex, which is why it currently needs updating. This became the purpose of the meeting, where our representatives and the head of the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration exchanged opinions and proposals on this issue. Currently, the IT industry is one of the most progressive in the region, which can be used to improve the region’s state in general.

During the meeting, our representatives, together with Ruslan Zaparaniuk, discussed possible directions for updating the region’s development strategy within the framework of the business week. Chernivtsi IT-Cluster is always ready to share experiences to improve the lives of residents.

The representatives of the Cluster were delighted with the meeting, so we look forward to furthering fruitful cooperation with Chernivtsi Regional State Administration!


Chernivtsi IT-Cluster has launched a new “Digest of vacancies” section to help IT professionals in their job search. The new service includes a list of vacancies from companies participating in the Cluster, which speeds up the job search for those who seek it.

❗Pages are updated every Monday, so specialists will receive fresh vacancies every week.

For your convenience, we have categorized the vacancies so that you can quickly find the one that suits you. Among the list, you can find offers for:

  • .NET developers,
  • Python developers,
  • Java developers,
  • testers,
  • project managers,
  • and much more.

📅 On August 22, the first vacancies already appeared on the website of the Chernivtsi IT Cluster. You can view them by going to the “Jobs” section in the upper right corner of our site.

✨ We wish success to IT professionals and beginners in their job search. The Chernivtsi IT sector is always happy to welcome new candidates to our community! ✨

We are happy to invite you to the online Java meetup by Levi9 on June 17.

What is in the program?

🔸On the way to the cloud with Quarkus, Java and Graal – Alexey Loubyansky, Principal Software Engineer @Red Hat
🔸Performance: nuance versus evidence – Sergii Tsypanov, Senior Java Developer, Levi9

Event moderator: Dmytro Panin, Levi9 Delivery Director, Kyiv.

When? 17 June, 19:00
Free? 100%

Register and join the meetup now: https://meetup.ua.levi9.com/?utm_source=tg&utm_medium=mp&utm_campaign=2

Don’t miss your cool Java summer evening!

On May 28, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between IT Cluster “Chernivtsi IT Community” and one of the largest and most reliable banks in Ukraine with foreign capital Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas Group. On the terms of cooperation for employees of companies included in the IT Cluster “Chernivtsi IT Community” will be special offers, namely:
⁃ subscription fee for account maintenance is much less than the standard package;
⁃ reduced tariff for the sale of currency at the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
⁃ reduced tariffs for transferring funds to the card;
⁃ there are special conditions for ID cards with the possibility of cash withdrawal on the territory of Ukraine in all ATMs free of charge.
⁃ premium service for IT entrepreneurs and nice bonuses for business development;
⁃ special exchange rate.
UKRSIBBANK also offers many other premium offers for employees of cluster partner companies.
We do IT together!

On January 27, memoranda of association and cooperation were signed between the IT Cluster “Chernivtsi IT Community” and the official representative of Renault (Autopodium LLC) and the official representative of Ford (Ecomotors LLC). The purpose of these memoranda is to consolidate efforts to develop and promote the IT industry in the region.
Specialists from Renault and Ford have developed special offers for employees of companies included in the IT Cluster “Chernivtsi IT Community”. Namely:
– when buying a new car, the buyer receives a gift certificate for the installation of additional accessories in the amount of up to 10,000 UAH (depending on the car model).
– discounts on used cars that came under the Trade IN program.
It was also agreed to support the events to be organized by the IT Cluster “Chernivtsi IT Community”.
We hope for fruitful cooperation and development.
The rules for receiving discounts for IT representatives will be published later.
“We do IT together”

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