Desyde LTD



phone: +38 (0372) 559-719, +38 (0372) 520-888

Desyde LTD (hereafter Desyde) is a software development company that generates cost effective and innovative IT-solutions for its customers worldwide. The company was founded in Chernivtsi in 2002, restructured to Desyde LTD in 2004 and is a subdivision of Desyde Group Holding with the central office in the Netherlands.

Thanks to the long experience, Desyde LTD today:

  • specializes in customer-server applications utilizing advanced modern technologies;
  • is an long-standing and loyal partner of Oracle Netherlands;
  • utilizes modern development methodologies, software implementation and support;
  • participates in non-commercial partnership programs, including charity campaigns;
  • provides an end-to-end solution in software development and testing;
  • anticipates customers’ concerns using a professional approach and giving recommendations for the most efficient solution of customer’s needs;




phone: +38 (0372) 559-719, +38 (0372) 520-888

Yukon Software Ltd (Yukon hereafter) is a software and hardware development company. The company has been creating high-quality code for over 15 years. In general, we work with such languages as Java, PHP, Objective-C, C #, .NET, Dart, JSServices.

Our customers from Europe and the USA know the worth of their time and investments. Therefore, they desire to find the most efficient way to invest money using our products in the following areas: medicine, education, transport logistic s, infrastructure, risk analysis, scheduling and time tracking, web and mobile solutions.

Yukon company has a wide range of the following work directions :

– big data;

– industrial integration;

– mobile applications;

– Internet of things;

– PCB design;

– integrated system development;

– prototyping;

– cloud solutions;

– electronic terminals integration;

– e-commerce and promo-websites;

– identification and payment;

– search platforms;

– social media.

We are sure that the company is defined by people. Our value is a friendly and professional team.