Desyde LTD



phone: +38 (0372) 559-719, +38 (0372) 520-888

Desyde LTD (hereafter Desyde) is a software development company that generates cost effective and innovative IT-solutions for its customers worldwide. The company was founded in Chernivtsi in 2002, restructured to Desyde LTD in 2004 and is a subdivision of Desyde Group Holding with the central office in the Netherlands.

Thanks to the long experience, Desyde LTD today:

  • specializes in customer-server applications utilizing advanced modern technologies;
  • is an long-standing and loyal partner of Oracle Netherlands;
  • utilizes modern development methodologies, software implementation and support;
  • participates in non-commercial partnership programs, including charity campaigns;
  • provides an end-to-end solution in software development and testing;
  • anticipates customers’ concerns using a professional approach and giving recommendations for the most efficient solution of customer’s needs;