IT Cluster “Chernivtsi IT community” is a union of creative and initiative people who work on the improvement of the IT-sphere of Chernivtsi
Our Goals:

  • Creation of the comfortable environment for running IT business in Chernivtsi
  • The growth of the number and professional quality of the IT specialists in the region
  • Making IT popular
  • Improving the quality of IT education in the region
  • Organizing IT events
  • Supporting young IT companies
  • Joint protection of the IT business in the Chernivtsi area

IT Cluster “Chernivtsi IT Community” consists of the members of the leading IT companies presented in the region. The main aim of the community is the development of the IT-sphere, the creation of the proper infrastructure in the town, work on the joint projects.
Our community has a cluster-based model. A cluster can be defined as a voluntary union of the entrepreneurial structures which tightly cooperate with the educational and social organizations, as well as with the local authorities, for the sake of the rising competitiveness of the local products, development of the local companies, and promotion of the economic development of the region.
Ukrainian IT companies export intellectual services priced at 5 billion dollars yearly. We work on the creation of a favorable environment for the development of the IT-sphere in Chernivtsi oblast so that to involve new customers and investments, respectively.