On October 1, the long-awaited event <IT KickStart> for schoolchildren of grades 10-11 took place.

We were extremely happy to see so many interested students, whose eyes were burning to meet everything new. We thank the representatives of the departments who communicated and were able to interest so many young minds before starting their careers in IT.

Our speakers also did a good job, who talked about their path in IT, why they entered this career path, what is the advantage of their work over others, and opening the curtains to many insides of the IT profession. The number of questions that sounded from all corners of the hall is proof that the students are already dreaming about their future professions and they are delighted with all the new information they received at the event.

Schoolchildren were especially impressed by the master class from the Redmonkey computer academy on the topic “Interactive universe of VR and AR: implementation on the example of game development.” The VR glasses did not leave the student’s field of vision for a minute.

We are waiting for you at future events of the Chernivtsi IT Cluster, we will try to meet with you as often as possible.